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#VoteTogether is a national campaign to increase voter participation by making voting fun and celebratory. At thousands of nonpartisan events hosted at and near polling places across the country, #VoteTogether partners will bring together families, friends and neighbors in a celebration of civic engagement and the act of voting.

#VoteTogether events—including block parties, BBQs, and parades—will take place during early voting and on Election Day. The program is launching in partnership with 150 state and local organizations, several corporate partners, and with 500 confirmed events.

At #VoteTogether, we believe that our democracy works best when all perspectives are included and all eligible voters cast ballots. We also know that there are many reasons why people do vote and we believe that #VoteTogether reinforces those reasons. #VoteTogether makes voting feel social, habitual, and like it’s a community act. We want to generate a positive shared experience around voting and can’t wait for you to get involved. 

#VoteTogether is an initiative of Civic Nation. Civic Nation is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing some of our nation’s most pressing challenges through organizing, engagement and public awareness. It does this by working in partnership with the Creative Alliance which is a collaborative of 83 creative companies that do pro bono work for Civic Nation to turn ideas into action.

Absolutely! We’ve done the research and we know it works. Making voting about community, fun, and togetherness can increase participation. In 2016 and 2017, we piloted the #VoteTogether program and found that celebrations help increase participation by between one and four percentage points.

There are many ways to get involved! You can:

  • Join us by hosting an event
  • Provide in-kind goods and services to an event near you. That includes food, printing services, musician time, bouncy castles, furniture, etc.
  • Get in touch with an event host to volunteer for a celebration, conduct outreach, or help on the day of the event.

No! All #VoteTogether events are completely nonpartisan. We’re excited to host these events because they are about including everyone and celebrating Election Day, our rights, and our nation.

For #VoteTogether events, working with or coordinating with any political organization is not permitted, that includes PACs, political parties, campaigns, 501(c)(4) organizations, etc.

Everyone! #VoteTogether events work best when the event is open to anyone in the community and people come together to celebrate our democracy. Voters and non-voters are all invited to join #VoteTogether celebrations. 

And don’t forget: everyone likes a personal invite so reach out to people directly to invite them to your event. 

We recommend thinking about where your community gathers and places that feel inviting. A local community center, city hall, student union, or even your front yard at home all make for great locations. Just think about making your location accessible to all and easy to locate.

And if your event is not at a polling location, make sure you have a plan for getting to and from the polls.

Great! We’re so glad you want to get involved. Make sure you sign up for our email updates and to register your event.

Yes! Please stay tuned for further announcements.

The information sessions will include tips on how to recruit for events, design and theme ideas, securing a venue, and other helpful topics that will aid in the event planning process.

More information coming soon!

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