#VoteTogether is bringing the fun into voting

VoteTogether is a national, nonpartisan initiative to increase voter participation by making voting fun and celebratory.

Let’s make participation a celebration!

VoteTogether partners bring together families, friends and neighbors in a celebration of civic engagement and the act of voting. In collaboration with hundreds of local organizations, national nonprofits, and major companies, #VoteTogether is leading a collective, national effort to make voting a community-driven, celebratory activity. From backyard BBQs to block parties and parades, this evidence-based approach is shown to shift voting behavior, while also bringing communities together, creating intergenerational connections, and supporting social cohesion at the community level.

Celebrations across the country

Between 2016 and 2019, #VoteTogether researched, field-tested, and scaled up thousands of local, partner-driven, nonpartisan celebrations hosted at and near polling places across the country to increase voter turnout.

#VoteTogether 2020

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and social distancing norms this year, #VoteTogether will work closely with When We All Vote in 2020 to continue supporting evidence-based voting celebrations in online and virtual environments to ensure voter safety this year.

#VoteTogether remains committed to its mission of building a lasting, national culture of celebration around communities and voting.

Join us! The future is ours to celebrate.