About Us

About Us

#VoteTogether is a nonpartisan initiative that is transforming the culture around voter participation from an isolated, unfamiliar activity to a celebratory event. In doing so we believe we can create civically connected communities and a culture of sustained, inclusive civic life. In collaboration with hundreds of local organizations, national nonprofits, and major companies, #VoteTogether is leading a collective, national effort to make voting a community-driven, celebratory activity. 

From backyard BBQs to block parties

This evidence-based approach is shown to shift voting behavior, while also bringing communities together, creating intergenerational connections, and supporting social cohesion at the community level.

#VoteTogether’s mission is to change the culture of voting and increase turnout through voting
celebrations hosted during early voting and on Election Day. Through #VoteTogether, families, friends, and neighbors are making voting a time of togetherness and fun. 

Research-informed, Evidence-driven

At #VoteTogether, we believe that our democracy works best when all perspectives are included and all eligible voters cast ballots. Currently, voter participation in presidential elections in the United States hovers around 60% (or about 75% of registered voters) and drops to between 14% and 40% in municipal and off-year elections. There are many reasons why people do not vote, and these represent deep, tangled problems in America. But we believe that those problems will be easier to address if more people participated. #VoteTogether is guided by research on the best voter engagement strategies:

Voting as a social activity

 Research shows that people are motivated to vote when they see it as a social activity done with friends, families, and neighbors. We work with partners to socialize voting, which encourages the type of friend-to-friend, neighbor-to-neighbor motivation that has been proven to increase turnout. By making voting a shared community act, we leverage what people enjoy about coming together and create more positive associations with voting.

Voting increases when your friend is the messenger

In addition to supporting local organizations in hosting events, we inspire individuals to host events for their families and friends because we know that a friend is a much better messenger than a stranger.

Voting is more likely when you have a plan

Because #VoteTogether focuses on outreach to communities with an invitation to be at the polling location at a certain time, it functions as a plan-making mechanism—an additional reason to put voting on the calendar and to plan around that which increases a voter’s likelihood to turnout.

Read more about  #VoteTogether’s research on our Research page.